The 5th anniversary jubilation for Tofflon Russia in the 15th Pharmtech Exhibition

опубликовано 2014-03-20


The 5th anniversary jubilation for Tofflon Russia in the 15th Pharmtech Exhibition
In the past 5 years, Tofflon has been from nothing to well-known name in the Russian pharmaceutical industry. Since the market access, Tofflon has made many good friends, including strategy partner “Holding Pharmtech”, helpful and valuable customer “Petrvax”, “Microgen”, “Pharmstandard” and so on. Tofflon believe that globalization means localization.
Tofflon attended the 15th Pharmtech Exhibition, last from 25th to 28th November, All-Russian Exhibition Centre, Moscow, Russia. Its stand in the exhibition hall was highly interested by old and new customers, friends and even competitors. It’s also the 5th anniversary of Tofflon Russia.
In the past 5 years, Russian Federal is one of the most important markets for the company. As the world largest freeze drying system supplier, Tofflon has established stable distribution channel and quick response service center in Moscow Region.
Dr. Alexander Didenko, head of lyophilization department of NPO Petrovax Pharm (Tofflon LYO-10(SIP,CIP) and 2xLYO-5(SIP,CIP) user), visited Tofflon’s stand for the second time since 2012. He expressed that Tofflon’s machines were working smoothly and expected Tofflon’s service team to maintenance another machine in his facility which is made by brand name manufacturer in USA.
One of exhibition guests - Mr. Basel, chief engineer of Microgen Allergen(Tofflon 2xLYO-5(SIP,CIP) user), said that he had to admit that Tofflon’s local technical support had the outstanding quick response, and sometimes the company does not count the service cost, in order to provide better service to the local clients.
Every moment in the exhibition might have a major surprise. Friends from Ukraine, Belarus, Norway, Egypt, Germany and China joined the party in Tofflon’s stand as well. Conversation topics were GMP in different states, lyophilization process, modern factory and so on. The most often topic was the company future and the tendency of the industry.
After many years deep in the market study and over one year preparation, a customized freeze dryer machine series “LYOSMART” was finally released for the Russian market and exhibited in the Pharmtech 2013. Tofflon LYOSMART was designed and manufactured under the principle of “just in time and just enough”. Its high cost-performance rate and customized size make it to be the replacement of TG-50 series machine, which was still widely used in Russia but were old model and near their original retirement ages. And its high practicability and high reliability would be proven in the following decade.
After the new machine release and promotion presentation, made by Mr. Leo Li (Tofflon area sales manager) and Mr. Artemy A. Kirpichnikov(Director of “Holding Pharmtech”) during the exhibition, the speakers were surprised by the enthusiasm of the audience. After the rapid growth in the pharmaceutical industry over the last decade, the more sedate, stable development and growth being seen today is making companies slightly uneasy. Future growth of Tofflon in the Russian pharmaceutical market will be dependent on global cutting-edge technique, well experience in mass equipment production and customer-focused innovation.